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Mysteries of the Mind: The Pedophile’s Brain


Meet the Female Pedophile


The Paedophile Next Door


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Films of interest: source: CoSA Canada Website:

• Happiness: A professional who becomes a pedophile predator, the impact on the family & the community reaction.

• For a lost soldier (Dutch-Canadian film): A Canadian soldier, part of the liberating forces in WWII, is a pedophile. A good portrayal of the predatory nature & grooming that was part of the relationship that he develops with the boy, told from the viewpoint of the child as an adult.

• Mysterious Skin: Portrays the impact on two teenagers of their victimisation as boys.

• À l’origine d’un cri (French): A Long term consequences on a male victim.

• Precious: Incest, individual, family & societal impacts.

• Élève Libre: French Belgian film, showing the slow deconstruction of a teenager’s healthy sexuality, as the adult grooms him for eventually abuse. Excellent example of hebephilia & the denial of the offender.

• Elles étaient 5 (French), a dramatic story of the rape & murder of a woman.


• Capturing the Freidmans: a documentary leaving you questioning did they or did they not sexually molest. Dramatic portrayal of the impact on the family as it is torn