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Faith-Based Community Reintegration Project

The Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society has been awarded the FCRP contract by Correctional Service Canada (CSC) to meet the following broad tasks:

a. Contribute to the continuing correctional work of CSC post-release. As such, HCCS is an essential link between the reintegration of offenders and their faith/spiritual practice and community at large.

b. Provide local needs assessment. HCCS liaises with local parole officers, justice organizations, institutional chaplains, and other community stakeholders to identify the needs and trends of the reintegrating offender population and facilitates responsive services (including volunteers) that are uniquely faith/spirituality based and complementary with existing services.

c. Community Safety Impact. HCCS is involved in initiatives that contribute to reducing the stigma attached to being an offender and breaking down the barriers to successful reintegration and participation in law-abiding society.

d. Facilitation of pro-social involvement and belonging. HCCS assists offenders to find pro-social activities that foster a sense of belonging while contributing to spiritual and religious growth.

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